foreign student in canada

as promised from my last year’s video I will tour you on my new University here in Canada I hope you watched this Vlog from start to finish York University is actually located northwest of Toronto while my apartment is around downtown this means that my commute to school would be roughly around one hour that’s why I always allot an hour and a half time from home or work to go to school just an hour it’s quite easy to get there as there is a designated York University Station which just opened 2017. I am currently taking Bachelor’s in information technology and most of my general subjects back home had been recognized and credited by University so I’m mostly taking it majors as you may know I still work full time and only go to school part-time as this is my second bachelor’s degree I got my first degree in University of the Philippines where I took Bachelor of Science in economics I always make sure to enroll on subjects after work hours so some of my days are quite long most of my schedules classes are between six to nine or seven to ten in the evening it’s quite exhausting thank you I know this will all be worth it someday when I can finally say that I am a double degree holder I will first take you to very Hall which is considered as York University’s most iconic space this Hall also serves as a social and meeting place York University’s sholex School of Business is also ranked number one in Canada as the best business school as per the economists Forbes corporate Knights and CNN expansion I am currently in school of Information Technology I honestly only started to learn how to code when I decided to go back to school and take it a year after I could say I’m still struggling and I need to practice more foreign if you are an international student who wants to study in Canada do not worry as this University caters international student like us most of my classmates are international students as well if you are done with your bachelor’s degree they also offers one-year post-grad certificates if you are looking to get another one year work permit after your studies some of the popular one-year post-grad certificates are business administration and big data analytics you may find the exact tuition fees for each course on their official website at yourq dot CA if you are looking for apartments or housing around York University I know they offer Housing Services also known as University dormitories as we call it back home for full-time students today if you would like to live outside the university I suggest you look around North York area parts and avoid downtown areas since downtown is too far from the campus do not worry if you live or study far from downtown as there are actually a huge mall close to the university one is called Yorkdale mall where you can find all the luxury brands that you need or want and then there’s Vaughn Mills which is an outlet mall videos anyways going back to our University tour your queue has a mini mall called York you leans it has bookstore Shoppers Drug Mart Popeyes milk tea and many many more it even has its own bank although this is strategically located inside the university most of their food prices are quite expensive so I make sure to bring snacks or eat before going to York could also bring water bottle while in this area they do have a lot of drinking fountain around the campus but it’s nice to bring one just in case at the end of this Vlog tour Dave and I decided to go to one of your cute Starbucks to order our favorite mango dragon fruit lemonade thank you so much .

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