Top 10 CHEAPEST Universities in CANADA for International students

this is 2023 and most kids of this era want to be a youtuber or an influencer but now and then you still get some that are interested in the sciences the arts or the commercial side of life you know finding the right university isn’t such a straightforward task you have to consider the location your preferred cost of study how good the university is and of course the tuition fee so today we will be looking at the top 10 cheapest universities for international students in canada are you ready but before we begin would you consider subscribing and clicking on the notification button so you can get more of this kind of content without taking too much of your time let’s get into it coming in number 10 brandon university the university is located in the city of brandon manitoba with an enrollment of 3325 full-time and part-time undergraduate and graduate brannan university has a student to faculty ratio of 11 to 1 and 60 of all classes have fewer than 20 students the university is ranked number 59 in canada and 2203 in the world the tuition fee for international student ranges between 5 900 to 15 200 and number nine university or might be called in english university of martin as you might have noticed from the name it is a canadian francophone university it is located in new brunswick with composers in ed munsten mountain and shipogon the university offers trainings and research in fields of management arts social sciences law engineering natural sciences health social work and education outside of quebec it is the largest french language university in canada the university is ranked 48 in canada and 1 693 in the world tuition fees for international student ranges between 5 800 to 17 300. number eight university of guelph the university is located in guelph ontario with over thirty thousand students the university offers ninety-four negative degrees 48 graduate programs and six associate degrees in many different disciplines university of guelph is ranked 22 in canada and 336 in the world the tuition fee for international student ranges between 5600 to 26 700 dollars coming at number seven mount allison university the university is a primary undergraduate liberal arts university located at sackville new brunswick it is ranked number 49 in canada and 1524 in the world the tuition fee for international student ranges between five thousand to eighteen thousand five hundred dollars at number six saint thomas moore college the university is a catholic undergraduate libra art college located in saskatoon saskatchewan and is a federated college of the university of saskatchewan centre most more college is academically integrated within the university of saskatchewan however the university offers a unique vision and mission of catholic post-secondary school education the college students receive university of saskatchewan’s degrees it is ranked 96 in canada and 8 659 in the world the tuition fee for international students ranges between 4 400 to 18 400 and number five university of saskatchewan the university is located on the east side of the south saskatchewan river in saskatoon it is the largest education institution in canada province of saskatchewan and is one of canada’s top research universities the university is ranked number 19 in canada and 291 in the world the tuition fee for international student ranges between four thousand four hundred to eighteen thousand four hundred 400 and number four university of waterloo university of waterloo is a public research university with a main campus with waterloo ontario the university also operates three satellite campuses and four athlete university colleges waterloo operates the largest post-secondary cooperative education program in the world with over 20 000 undergraduate students enrolled in the universities co-op program the university is ranked number six in canada and 105 in the world tuition fee for international student ranges between 4 100 to 40 300. and number three siemen fraser university sema fraser university is the public research university in british columbia with three campuses in barnaby syria and vancouver it is ranked number four in canada and seven to six in the world the tuition fee for international student ranges between 3 900 to twenty nine thousand four hundred at number two university of northern british columbia the university is a small research intensive public university in british columbia the main campus is located in prince george the university also has regional campuses in northern british columbia in prince rupert terrace cornell and fourth saint john the university is ranked 42 in canada and 1418 in the world tuition fee for international student ranges between 3400 to 22 100. and the cheapest university in the whole of canada is memorial university of newfoundland the university also known as memorial university is a public university in the province of newfoundland and librado it is based in said john with satellite campuses in corner brook sompia and hollow it is the largest university in atlantic canada and is also newfoundland and libra’s only university the university has 1330 faculties with 2474 staff supporting 18 000 students it is ranked number 24 in canada and 439 in the world the tuition fee for international student ranges between 3 200 to 11 400. so there you have it 10 cheapest universities in canada was this information helpful to you please drop a comment if you like to see the cities with the cheapest rent in canada click on this video and remember to like subscribe and click on the notification button remember it’s a deliberate expert and have a beautiful day

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