Canadian University Scholarships for International Students

Queens University is in Canada and fairly Dickinson University a preferred destination for most prospective International students is Canada however application fee to apply to a Canadian University or college may be quite expensive but this University we are about to explore in Canada is weaving application fees and considering applicants for scholarships so come with me let’s explore their programs admission deadlines requirements and how you can apply for free my name is Fred thank you for subscribing you are welcome to another episode of the effective series let’s get started foreign meeting me I appreciate you for subscribing my name is Frederick I am a second year MPA student and a research assistant apart from going through the study abroad Journey myself I’ve had opportunity to assist a lot of international students to their dream universities and programs so I created this channel to share with you study abroad and scholarship opportunities visa interview tips and generally life abroad please make the TFE YouTube channel your partner as you navigate the study abroad Journey if you have any questions please type it in the comment section also you can head over to Twitter and send me a direct message with any question you have about studying abroad and I’ll quickly respond to you remember to like this video recommend the TRV YouTube channel to someone else so these are the graduate programs you can choose from there is Administrative science and public administration animation at biology business and accounting chemistry communication computer science creative writing criminology and criminal justice cyber security and Homeland Security education engineering and Tech technology film Global Affairs Health Sciences hospitality and tourism languages mathematics Nursing Pharmacy political science psychology and counseling social work as well as sports management so these are all the graduate programs you can select from this University there are a lot of undergraduate programs too so administrative science and public administration um the same animation biology business like an accounting chemistry communication computer science creative writing criminology and criminal justice they have cyber security and Homeland Security degree completion education engineering and Technology film graphic design Health Sciences and hospitality and terrorism Humanities Information Technology languages and Mathematics nursing psychology and counseling social sciences sports management as well as theater so this is how to apply for free remember that the app the application fee waiver only applies to undergraduate admissions which is freshman or first year admissions so here’s the um thing so you can either use the Common App or the University application portal whichever one and remember there is a 50 dollar application fee waiver making applying quick and easy there’s also a maximum scholarship consideration over and above other financial aid you may qualify for apart from that you enjoy an accelerated admission decision once you start your application you’ll be assigned an admission counselor and this admission is being reviewed by reviewed personally by your admission counselor there is a thousand dollar annually renewable grant for a total of four years that is for undergrad when you enroll this is available for four 2023 applicants only so yeah um you are still within the deadline um the early decision was supposed to be November 1. Remember December 1 is yet to come that is the early action and then January 31st regular decision so don’t worry the admission is on rolling basis so after January 31st applicants will be accepted on rolling basis provided space remains available friends the university we just looked at it’s called fairly Dickinson University foreign [Music] thank you and this is their website I’m going to share the link in the video description it makes it easy for you to check them out remember they have five different composes there’s a Fordham Campus Metropolitan campus the Ruston College the Vancouver campus which is in Canada and so um these campuses are spread across the United States and Canada and so you can decide to apply to either the U.S campus or the Vancouver campus which is in Canada Queens University is in Canada and their business coaches the Smith School of Business is weaving the application fees for these programs [Music] thank you foreign [Music] s you can apply for free when it comes to the research base there is a master of science in management and doctoral program in management as well there’s there are professional programs include master of management analytics the master of management in artificial intelligence there is also a master of digital product management there is a master of financial Innovation and Technology there is a master of Finance which is located in Toronto there is a master of management Innovation and Entrepreneurship there is also a master of international business their graduate diploma programs include graduate diploma in business and there’s a graduate diploma in accounting so let’s look at the application requirements and it’s clearly indicated here that there are three components of the application process and evaluation will be provided at the end of each segment there is no application fee so yeah the application into Quincy University that’s the Smith School of Business S3 there are also scholarships available and they have these three categories of scholarship which is academic scholarships scholarships for black students and scholarships for indigenous students so all the links that I mentioned will be said in the YouTube video description and this is how you’re going to find them this is how you can see the links in the video description a lot of you have been asking where the links are so normally if you check up below the video you’ll see the title of the video up here and then below that you see the name of the Channel all you have to do is to check out just below the name of the channel and then you click on see more if you click on CMO you can see that all the links are displayed here so yeah that’s that’s how you can find the link to the that I normally share in the video description I hope this will help please don’t forget to email the admissions office or the director of the program you are interested in ask about admission and funding if you have any other questions too you can ask as well wait for a positive feedback before you begin to submit your application to this University it will be great if you have time to read through most of the requirements on their website make sure you meet the requirement before you begin your application thank you for watching my name is Fred and this is the Fred effect I wish you the best as you submit your application I’ll see you in another video [Music]

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