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number 10 the university of warwick offers many postgraduate and undergraduate programs in various fields like engineering science medicine social science arts theatre language law business and finance the university has over 28 500 students and more than 2 400 qualified and experienced teachers number nine university of bristol offers an undergraduate degree program as well as a postgraduate degree program it consists of a number of subjects that are categorized into six faculties namely the faculty of arts faculty of engineering faculty of life sciences faculty of health sciences faculty of science and the faculty of law there are 22 541 undergraduate students and 7 900 postgraduate and research students in the university number eight london school of economics and political science the university offers various schools through its department of economics department of accounting department of methodology department of sociology and others also it offers specialized courses with subjects like statistics philosophy law geography environment and mathematics [Music] king’s college london also one of the oldest in england kings has approximately 31 000 students including more than 12 800 graduate students from around 150 countries worldwide with over 8500 employees including faculty and staff the university has over worldwide partner institutions allowing undergraduates and other students to study abroad depending upon the time period [Music] number six the university of manchester the university offers courses at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels along with diplomas and certification programs as per the academic year 2020 2021 the university recorded 41 750 student enrollments and more than 11 200 staff members on its premises number five the university of edinburgh offers various subjects that are the category of humanities arts and social sciences medicine and veterinary medicine and the college of science and engineering the library at the university is known to be the largest library in scotland and holds up to a collection of about 2.5 million books and journals over 2 800 journals are regularly indexed and some 7 000 book and chapter records are included each year number four university college london in the year 2020 2021 there are over 44 900 students from more than 150 countries and among the 12 960 staff it includes 840 professors and 7100 academic staff it was the first university in the uk that used a grid level of admissions in some of its popular courses namely economics law mathematics european social and political studies medicine psychology and theoretical physics number three imperial college london main campus for teaching and research the royal college of music white city and sillwood park house the innovation hub and postgraduate campus medicine computer science electronics and electrical engineering aeronautical and manufacturing engineering civil engineering are some of the top ranking subjects of imperial number two university of cambridge has over 11 500 staff 31 colleges and 150 departments faculties schools and other institutions the university boasts of a diverse international community and welcomes talented students from around the world there are currently more than 20 000 undergraduate and postgraduate students at the university with close to 9 000 international students representing over 140 different countries number one university of oxford currently has a total enrollment of nearly 25 000 students including 12 480 undergraduates and 12 614 postgraduates the majority of undergraduate students studying in oxford come from state schools and the university also offers 350 different graduate degree programs a world-class modern and research driven university oxford is also ranked in the top 6 globally in engineering life sciences social sciences and the arts and humanities you

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