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and we are back with another video for the US series every student in India has a dream in their eyes of moving to the US for their higher education USA is a country filled with diverse cultures and is also home to some of the best universities in the world college or university choose international student measuring the pros and cons of each College becomes really important while selecting the best college for your higher education is universities majority Indian students but before we move forward do like this video and make sure to subscribe to our channel so that you never miss out on any important study abroad video if you have any queries related to studying abroad then click on the first link in the description box below simply fill out your basic details and then our study abroad experts will reach out to you in the next 48 to 72 hours Visa guarantee package and the offer letter guarantee package so do check them out as well let's move forward in our video Northeastern University a private research University Boston Massachusetts located here Northeastern University was established in the year 1898 according to Qs rankings this University is ranked 49 in the US and 11th among the most Innovative schools if you wish to pursue a degree in management this University is ranked 10th in international business and ranked one in terms of co-op programs the university selective hair with an acceptance rate of 18.38 Northeastern University programs undergraduate or graduate level Co-op education stands for Cooperative education it enables you to work and learn while being a university student paid positions teen learning experience complete correct Northeastern University world leader co-op programs co-op programs University location and job opportunities International students preferred universities to about 4 degree celsius first create your profile on the University portal second you have to submit all the required documents third you have to pay about 75 to 100 USD depending on the course you have selected and lastly after doing all the paperwork check your application status let us know about all the required documents that you will be needing to get into Northeastern University for pursuing your degree for taking admissions in a ug course you have to submit your academic transcripts having an average GPA of 3.69 that is 90 to 92 standardized exams course a letter of recommendation Lor supplement essays additional supplements such as audio recordings videos or portfolios and lastly language proficiency scores having TOEFL IBT score of 100. for taking admission in a PG course you have to submit your academic transcripts having a GPU of three that is 83 to 86 percent exams to study in the U.S such as GRE GMAT LSAT MCAT Etc your CV essays or sop 223lors additional or optional supplements as per course requirement financial documents fee waiver form if any language proficiency scores having a TOEFL IBT score of 79 to 100 or IELTS 6.5 to 7.5 Eastern University International students go multiple scholarships double husky scholarship lifetime learning membership Fulbright Fellowship research assistantship teaching assistantship stipend graduate assistantships Etc details to Avail the merit-based scholarship there are some mandatory criteria that an international student has to fulfill the applicant must be in the top 10 to 15 percent of the applications submitted at the time of admission the annual Grant amount ranges between 10 000 and 28 000 USD usually admission and fall freshman applications are only considered students can work off campus as well as on campus through the Nu institutional Employment Program especially for international students National Science Foundation and the National Institutes of Health is Institute or International students keep Preferred Choice research purposes Arizona State University Public University here that was established in the year 1885. fall 2021 ASU caters to around 78 000 students with more than 40 000 students from 136 countries ASU offers more than 500 degree programs for their students some of the major reasons for studying at Arizona State University are research work the ASU collaboration with neurodegenerative Disease Center a benchmark hair University achievements and education 88 acceptance rate is salary of around 73 000 USD students with an MBA degree can also earn up to one lakh US dollars annually ASU options undergraduate programs and 590 says other graduate courses U.S news and World Report 2022 Arizona State University 85 programs top 25 management marketing engineering social sciences psychology Communications computer and information sciences and biomedical Sciences asuk which popular courses Arizona State University fall summer and spring you must submit your official transcripts and Mark sheet TOEFL scores with a minimum score of 80 or IELTS score or pte letter of recommendation and personal statement financial information copy of valid passport and application fee the University of Southern California makes it to the third spot in our list of best colleges in the USA is around 46 000 students may say around 19 500 undergraduate and 26 500 PG programs University May 22.6 International students enrolled here from different backgrounds average graduation rate 92 percent this University is also considered as a House of knowledge University of Southern California cost of studying around 57 lakhs INR annually International students Co admissions IBT scores 100 with 20 or above in all sections for ug or graduate programs some of the major reasons for studying at uscr scholarship USC International students got numerous scholarships ranging from few thousand dollars to up to full tuition fees Merit Scholarships are awarded based on academic Excellence leadership service and talent these include the full tuition fee four-year trustee scholarship the half tuition presidential scholarship and one quarter tuition team scholarship second Point here programs related University students go 95 Bachelor and certificate courses and 140 plus doctoral and masters programs offer third Point here optional admission test USC apnea International students acceptance and test optional admission process if a college is having a test optional admission policy then they give applicants a choice to submit the SAT or ACT scores as a part of their admission is but if a student does not submit his or her scores then it won't be counted against them in the application review last Point here placements USC placements Google Amazon Microsoft Siemens Bank of America Adobe Deloitte Jesse and students MBA graduates on an average one lakh 30 000 US Dollars data informatics engineering accounting marketing Etc with 20 in all sections USC offers numerous scholarships to International students such as International freshman academic applicable to first-year students and you need to be an international student selectors would also check your talent perseverance Innovation involvement and Leadership capabilities Asian Pacific Alumni Association is scholarship you have to be a student of a full-time program with a minimum GPA of 3 out of four after receiving the scholarship you need to complete 15 Community Services with the Asian Pacific Alumni Association its amount varies from 1 000 US dollars to 5 000 US Dollars and many more to know more about the eligibility criteria you can simply click on the first link given in the description box and our study abroad experts will contact you within 48 to 72 hours with all the answers fourth on our list of the best universities in the US is the University of Texas at Dallas U.S news a ranking 2022 is university ranking 64 here among top Public Schools it is currently a center of knowledge for over 30 000 students with an acceptance rate of 79 is University my admission foreign so in order to help students financially University of Texas scholarship programs which Grant up to full tuition fee waivers students can Avail the benefits of a cash stipend of 4 000 US Dollars and a housing stipend of 1500 USD 23 students so companies like Amazon Google IBM Intel and so on fresh graduates average salary of 88 000 US dollars annually for an MS graduate for graduates with a Bachelor of Science degree the average salary is 74 000 US dollars annually up for replacement ninety percent of the UT Dallas graduates get their placement offer within three months of the completion of their graduation last we have the University of Texas at Arlington as our pick for the best universities in the US UT Arlington a big sa Elite list of universities may included Harvard MIT Jose 146 universities already included East University different cultures and ethnicity students around 4 500 International students currently present one of the main reasons for making this University a preferred choice for higher education is its 1.5 million dollar Federal grant which helps the deserving and qualified graduate students earn a doctoral degree if you have an inclination toward engineering Finance economics psychology and business then this University should be your topic the admission process at UT Arlington is almost the same as other universities in the US to know about the admission process in detail you can always get in touch with our study abroad experts scholarships UT Arlington offers multiple scholarships for international students which are bound by various conditions Jessica University Merit and need based criteria per scholarship offer just my students scholarship amount Texas public educational grant program Financial option here for the international students 24 credit hours completed work study program here work studying Federal and State student aid program with the help of this you can pay your education fees eligibility stands for free application for federal student aid and app company if eligible you can work up to 19 hours per week to 92 percent students of the University of Texas Arlington upni graduation complete the students can earn around 49 000 US dollars per year against the national average of 34 000 US Dollars which are preferred by the Indian and students aspiring to study in the U.S like this video and share it among your friends tell us the name of the university in the comment section Below on which you would like us to make a detailed video and we will be back with the video real quick till then this is nidhi signing off all the best

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